Software Development From Data to Converters all your Software Development needs - Sorted

At Redback we do not just build Mobile Apps, we build all types of software to suit your specific needs. From Enterprise Intranets to Formula Calculators and Document Converters

Whatever your requirements we can tailor custom software to your specific needs.

File Converters

Trying to convert from 1 document or file type to another? We have built converters for various purposes, for example:
EDI File exported from one system could not be read by another system, the file needed to be converted into a CSV format We created a program that the user could drag and drop the EDI File in and convert if with a click of a button into a CSV File and reverse the conversion later.

After the CSV had been updated, it could be converted back into EDI format with the additional information.

Data Processing & Reporting

Have a heap of data and tired of trying to sort through it and use it with in your business?

Let us create a dashboard and data base architecture to help you:

  • Collect
  • Store
  • Process
  • Sort
  • And Display

All your data in visually suitable ways
Filter the data, compare data, populate PDF reports with a click of a button

If your bogged down in data, let us help.