A: App costs vary, to provide you with the most accurate costs, we need to understand the App and what it will do, what features and purpose it has, for this reason we will not give costs over the phone or without understanding the project in depth, the benefit to you is getting a cost based on your specific project and not a overestimated guess or a under estimated price with hidden "Extra Charges" Our proposals a fixed based on the scope of the specific project.

A: Apps cost vary, some are simple others are very complex, cost can range from $10,000 to $100,000 a very good budget to have is around $50,000 as a starting point.

A: Depending on your financial situation, funding the App your self has advantages (as well as disadvantages) There are many investors looking for great innovations and technologies to be involved in, our Start-up Booster Workshops, prep you with everything you need to front potential investors and/or create Kickstarter campaigns.

A: It depends on the project and the required functions & features, on average between 30 and 90 days is average, were as some can be over 556 days.

A: Web Apps are often miss termed, a Web App is a basic App the mirrors your website in an app layout, they have limited functionality often limited to forms and static content, a good mobile friendly website will deliver the same functions and ability as a web app. A custom app is one with functionality and logic that cannot be created in a web app.

A: Yes - We provide and maintain the Play Store/iTunes locations for your App

A: Before speaking to any Developer or Development Company, make sure you get an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) first, most good developers & agencies should provide these upon initial contact, don't be afraid to ask for one.

A: If you follow through with the idea and pursue the App (either with that developer or another developer, then the NDA tends to remain valid for a long period of time.. However if you do not follow though and for whatever reasons decide to not start the project, then an NDA often becomes void after 12 months.